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Ohiosveryown is the personal creative and design initiative of me, Matthew Pence. It’s composed of things I’ve created, as well as my thoughts on various subjects relating to design, art & technology.

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the process of crafting digital experiences

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I'm a designer originally from Ohio with over six years working experience. I've worked in both product and agency environments and I'm currently a UX/UI designer in Atlanta at Shootproof.


I have a strong affinity for design but when I'm not working, I'm probably playing basketball or reading. I'm a staunch supporter of The United States National Soccer team & The Ohio State University.

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case studies

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Above you'll find some pretty in-depth case studies offering retrospect on some things I was able to design. They're longform in format, however I realize not everyone has the time or to dive in.

Because of that, I've included some abbreviated design shots below. These are essentially showcasing some UI I've designed, but at a high level.

Check them out below, and be sure to click on them to view the Dribbble post that associates for each shot. Note – All shots are in fact commissioned work.

Yeezy Season Shot
Nike Tech Shot
Mohawk Carpet Shot
Nike Tech Shot 2
Audi R8 Shot